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2D 3D CNC Carving and Engraving Dubai

3D CNC Carving : 2D & 3D works

We take pride in introducing our capability in carving works with the help of CNC Router Machine. We have five CNC machines, with the help of these machines and the professional production team we are capable of handling any type of joinery and CNC carving and engraving jobs.

2D WORKS: In the range of 2D works we can cut any kind of geometrical shapes and any kind of artworks, lettering. Also can give engraving and embossing effect.
3D WORKS: In this range we can make portraits, service shields, acknowledgment award and trophies Interiorsative motives for doors, wall paneling, and any designs as per client request.

The interior Interiorsation profession is revolutionised by 3D CNC carving technology. A CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine is a computerized router that reads digital files and then translates them into precise 2D and 3D cuts into a variety of materials. Today it is possible to translate an idea and see it taking physical shape effortlessly.

At Adonis Interiors LLC, we are able to create masterpieces with the help of five in-house CNC machines and a professional production team capable of any challenging project. We deliver intricate 3D carving and engraving, 2D designs as per the request of the client. This technology allows for precise attention to detail for interior design work, as well as the capacity to produce repetitive parts of high quality in less time span.